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Better the demon you know.
Than senseless love that cannot grow
As thoughts drift back to loves past
Maybe today, the love that lasts.

Overwhelmed my skin feels the wind

Touching it smoothly blows against it ruffling

Gently, Gently I regain a sense of calmness

A purity degenerate and made pure again

I wonder why the stars turn different colors, as they age

Compacted these ancestral stars of life,

Beautiful become jewels.

But mean a lot to us

Their character, blinks in the love of purity,

A short while ago I was miserable

I hope to talk back at all this years

My imaginations
My pains
My path

I thought they have made me insane

I have no regrets

Everything woven beautifully together,

Through love and purity

Now regenerated purity in a Golden form

I carry the immense pain

No one sees
In the midst of gloom

I die before my actuality

I really was so immune to feeling

My purity never seems innocent

But, really blissful

And unimaginable.

Author’s Biography

Hassana Idris is a writer, spoken poetry artist and a graduate nutritionist of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
Hassana Idris hails from Kogi State, Nigeria. An award winner of Benue Educationist of the year 2021 by king David school of creative and performing Arts.(King David SOCAPA)

Winner Best Global Director award 2022 by IIU. Also an awardee of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam National Award 2022 organised by swarna Bharat pairivaar Trust (SBP)

Hassana Idris serves in various capacities of organizations, she is treasurer of Benue Branch, Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation, member of Creative writers club, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, CEO Haz Kitchen and Small chops.

She is the initiator Hill-Top literary Clubs Benue State. She is the Makurdi Center coordinator Nigeria Poetry Festival (NIPOSFEST).

Hassana Idris represented Benue Hill-Top at the Taraba state Schools festival (TARASSFEST 2021).
She also represented the Foundation at an Art Exhibition in Lekki, Lagos State.
She was hosted by the former Commissioner for Education Benue state Professor Dennis Ityavyar, The Executive Secretary Benue state Teaching Service Board, Dr Frank Kyungun and her Alma mater, Government Girls old Students Association Makurdi(GGOSAM) for the glory brought back to the state by Benue Contingence from HIASFEST 2021.

She has been severally invited as Guest speaker, performer and judge in many literary events, like ones organized by the Benue state Teaching Service Board, Benue Poetry Troupe, King David School of Creative and Performing Arts(King David SOCAPA). Team GIA, Crystal Concept Initiative, Lawyers Alerts, Africa-writes and many more.



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